Learning  Activities:

This project is focused on learning activities for the unemployed and library staff training course.

Partners in this partnership were aware that there is lack of knowledge, skills and competencies which library staff requires if they want to work successfully and innovatively in the area of providing services to the unemployed such as:

  • Giving individual information to people,
  • Preparing presentations for groups, 
  • Establishing cooperation with partners from world of work and VET institution, for unemployed people in job seekers, 
  • Preparing and running learning activities for unemployed based on new skills and ideas.

The library staff training course included the following topics: 

  • Knowledge of target group of library users – unemployed,
  • Characteristics of adult education, 
  • Knowledge and development of learning methods,
  • Knowledge for new competences and skills (financial literacy, computer and information literacy, entrepreneurship), 
  • How to establish efficient cooperation with stakeholders in the field of unemployment at local, regional, national and European level,
  • Competences needed for using ICT,
  • Promotion of services for unemployed in public libraries.
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