Project description

Project title 

LinkINjob: job-hunting with the help of librarians
(2014 – 2016)

Project goal

Intellectual output of the project LinkINjob is e-Guidelines of best practices of learning activities for unemployed:

  • Description of target group of unemployed and their educational needs;
  • Summary of library staff training with key competences needed for library staff who work with the  unemployed;
  • Examples of good practices of learning activities for unemployed; 
  • Short reports of valorisation meetings in local communities; 
  • Recommended literature.

Target groups

  • Long term unemployed
  • Older workers
  • Less educated
  • Women
  • Migrants 
  • People with special needs 
  • First job seekers
  • Library staff 
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Project description

Project LinkINjob: job-hunting with the help of librarians (project) supports the Europe 2020 Strategy, strengthening knowledge and innovation as drivers of future growth. One of the Strategy’s target is that by 2020 the employment rate of the population aged 20-64 should increase from the current 69% to at least 75%, through greater involvement of women, older workers and the better integration of migrants in the work force.

In February 2014, there were approximately 25,920 million unemployed people in Europe, unemployment rate was 11.9 %. It is essential for the unemployed to be kept informed, that they gain new knowledge, develop social and civic competences as tools in preventing social exclusion. The unemployed are faced with many problems when looking for employment. Many of them have a lack of information literacy and skills for detecting own personal strengths, weaknesses and interest.

Contemporary public libraries are social responsible institutions and local centres for education, culture, information, while at the same time function as social meeting points. Libraries have become an important connecting point for cooperation between vocational education and training and the world of work. The target group of the project – the unemployed are informed about opportunities in lifelong learning: non-formal education and informal learning.

Seven public libraries have aimed to raise the competences of targeted unemployed groups, especially in the field of ICT, through the use of innovative practices and methods and to strengthen the connection between education and the labour market.

Other European libraries and institutions for adult education will have open access to the Guidelines of best practices and other products of the project (OER).

The project will contribute to the general development of civil society at the local level and will favour the integration of the target groups of unemployed people.