1. Set and achieve your life goals

It is said, that man has two birthdays: the day, when you were born and the day when you realized wherefore. As the coaching specialist  Monika Valentaitė, knowing why are you living and comprehensive knowledge of yourself and world process become not so complicated, it become as natural a natural phenomenon. When a person listsbasic values and base on their personal life of them, a person is able to build his own future vision. Wherewith vision is clearer, the movement toward it, is also clearer. Then long-term and short-term goals moves naturally, for which every day accomplish tasks and fix interim results.

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  1. Do not reach career rights with money and glory, as successful career have to provide a happiness

Most of people know what are they doing or what they want to do, some of them know how they are doing it, or how to reach it but rare of them realize why they are doing it and why they want it. If you know – why, you will certainly know – how. Knowing why – the only universal way to succsess.More money probably don‘t provide more happiness or satisfaction. However, it is important to earn money as much as you need to implement your goals, to fulfill your life mission.

  1. Accept the idea that we earn as much as we are worth or feel worthy and do a inference

It is hard to accept with the idea, that remuneration is adequate from our own self-assessment but accepting this idea, we can easily correct a position. In the first place it’s much easier – there are a lot of ways how to raise the competence, to change the job, try to realize your real avocation, choosing the area where you can become the best. In the second place is waiting hard work with yourself.

  1. Be brave to change your safe workplace, to your dream job

Conversation with someone who is already work his dream job can inspire you. Try to ask about his courage and safety positions in his life and try to listen him openly. This conversation can inspire you for your changes more than searching universal tips. Thank for conversation and goodbye with this person and then try to find time to talk to very clever person – yourself. Ask him, what he will offer for person who is dreaming about his favorite job but is afraid to change his safe job. And listen closely what he will advise. For this conversation use pen and post-it note.


Translated from Lithuanian language. Primary source: ,,Prie kavos” (Nr.7), 2015m. from July magazine article.