First transnational project

First transnational project meeting took place in Brasov - România from 20th to 23rd of November 2014

The Agenda had 5 topics:

Top 1: Getting to know each other

Top 2: Administrative aspects of the project

Top 3: Questions to the budget

Top 4: Looking at main results and outcomes of the project

Top 5: Evaluation and dissemination

On first transnational project meeting participated 14 participants from all partners’ libraries. During the meeting partners clarified basic obligations and rules of the project management and budget and updated Gantt chart.

Partners also explored the treasures of Braşov public library.

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Second transnational project

Second transnational project meeting took place in Linz - Austria from 24th to 25th of April 2015

The Agenda had 5 topics:

Top 1: Managing the project

Top 2: Questions to the budget

Top 3: Communication

Top 4: Dissemination and project’s web page

Top 5: Interim report and what to do list


12 participants from the project partner countries participated in this meeting.

Participants from both the training course and the transnational meeting came together on the Friday afternoon for evaluation and results of training course.

All participants explored Wissensturm Linz public library and adult education centre.



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Third transnational project

Third transnational project meeting took place in Vantaa - Finland from 1st to 4th of October 2015

The Agenda  had 6 topics:

Top 1: Interim report

Top 2: Learning activities for unemployed

Top 3: Basic concept of e-Guidelines

Top 4: Dissemination and web page

Top 5: Question to the budget

Top 6: Meeting in Ljubljana

Partners also completed Mid-ter-evaluation

All participants explored Vantaa central libraryLibrary 10  and Kaisa Library in Helsinki.

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Fourth transnational project

Fourth transnational project meeting took place in Ljubljana - Slovenia from 14th to 17th of April 2016

The Agenda had 8 topics:

Top 1: Learning activities for unemployed: partners' reports (The presentations, merged in a PDF)

Top 2: e-Guidelines

Top 3: Translation of e-Guidelines in national languages

Top 4: Minutes from Vantaa

Top 5: Valorisation meeting

Top 6: Introduction (e-Guidelines)

Top 7: Dissemination and project web page

Top 8: Questions to the budget

All participants explored Central Library, Šiška Library and special collection of Miniature books. (Photo memos in a PDF)

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