Development of learning activities for unemployed with unconventional methods and use of ICT

As unemployed are a heterogeneous group the libraries have formed learning activities adapted to the needs of smaller groups and individuals:

Seven public libraries have used innovative practices and methods to raise the competences of unemployed. Through learning activities in public libraries, the unemployed have strengthened self-confidence, knowledge, quality of life and social inclusion. Learning activities have been focused on new skills and competences: 

Libraries have informed the target group and wider community about lifelong learning and access to it in libraries.

Development of training course for library staff working with the unemployed

Second group involved in the project is public libraries staff. A five day library staff training course was organized to improve competences, skills and knowledge of librarians who prepare and run learning activities for unemployed.

Following the project, trained library staff possesses better understanding of the difficulties faced by the unemployed, staff is better equipped and confident in dealing with the needs of this group through public libraries programming.

Building a strong partnership of public libraries from seven European countries

In the field of strategic partnership for adult education all partners libraries aim to improve  communication and cooperation. The partnership was established on the basis of previous cooperation and in this project each partner brought competences and knowledge and assumed responsibility for its role in the project. In this way partnership has become a win-win situation.