7. Kaunas County Public Library, Kaunas, Lithuaniapartner

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Kaunas County Public Library (KCPL) is the main/central and the largest public library in the central part of Lithuania - Kaunas region. KCPL is the methodical centre of Kaunas Regional Public Libraries and organizes continuing training for the region's librarians. It provides workshops in KCPL newly equipped modern training centre as well as seminars in smaller regional public libraries. KCPL unites more than 300 public libraries of the region into a network. Kaunas Regional Public Libraries are open to visitors of all ages and social statuses. Libraries' services are used by about 18 percent of total region's population. In total there are more than 860 thousand inhabitants living in the region. The libraries offer the region´s community not only a comfortable place for reading books or borrowing them to use at home, but also to participate in various trainings such as computer and information literacy courses and courses to improve  skills in searching  for relevant information on Internet as well as learning languages. In addition, there are workshops in art, floristic and yoga areas as well as various events for families: afternoon games, quizzes, competitions, meetings with writers, artists, politicians, doctors, herbalists and famous people. 

Kaunas Regional Public Libraries use a wide range of methods in order to attract new members of the community and keep the present ones. The methods are based on their age, social status and education.

This project administering KCPL library professionals has communication skills, curiosity, initiative, flexibility to respond users’ needs, unusual situations and quickly adapts to them are open to innovation, motivated, socially responsible, understands and feels the team work, with intent and objectives of improved performance. Librarians are not only planning, organizing, coordinating training activities, cultural events and projects in the Kaunas region public libraries, but also training or participating in seminars and other educational activities in education-prepare and deliver reports Lithuania and foreign countries in conferences. They are able to plan and carry out a wide range of organizations both internal and external communication, public relations, information dissemination and collaboration. We have experience working with unemployed youth, volunteers integrating them into the labour market and increase motivation. Projects administering workers have higher humanitarian education and experience in project management, volunteering program, human resource management, education management.