1.Mestna knjiznica Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia – coordinator

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Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana / Ljubljana City Library (MKL) is the largest public library in Slovenia (230 employees). It represents the cultural, informational, social and communicational meeting point of individuals, groups, local communities, cultural institutions and organizations. MKL is a library of the Slovenian capital (280.000 inhabitants) which performs its activities for the residents of Ljubljana as well as its visitors. Library has 36 branches and Mobile Library with 46 bus stops. MKL is also the regional library of the central Slovenia region and performs tasks of regionality for 8 libraries.

Our important services:

In 2013 we prepared and organized 2.300 events and 1.300 different learning activities (courses or workshops); all events are free of charge for end users. We organise various learning activities for users with special needs, for immigrants, unemployed, job seekers etc. Most of learning activity are organised in Center of Lifelong learning, which is responsible for training of users from all age groups, staff and wider professional public. It consists of: