2. Regional Public Library "Petko Rachev Slaveikov", Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria  partner

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Regional Public Library - Veliko Tarnovo was found in 1889 as "Public library with its own statute and regulations". Today this is the biggest library in Central North Bulgaria which offers services combining the traditions and the modern technologies.

The library collection enumerates approximately 600 000 pieces of scientific and educational literature, periodicals, electronic units of information, etc. The basic functions of the Library are  to gather, process, preserve and offer library documents to the readers, to help methodically the libraries from the region, to qualify the library specialists, to generalize the data about the library activities and offer them to the Ministry of Culture and National library "St. Ciril and St.Methodius"-Sofia.The RPL "Petko R. Slaveikov" - Veliko Tarnovo is a methodical centre for 153 public libraries and cooperates with social organizations and unions for the realisation of projects and  programs. Its remit consists of bibliographic information, training and language courses. We organize IT seminars and educational courses for people with vision disabilities, education in Braille writing, theatre performances and travelling exhibitions of photos and documents for  the  people with specific needs. Regional Library is a co-organizer, together with department "Publishing and library and information activities” from University of Veliko Tarnovo of the annual scientific conference  with international participation "Libaries - reading-communications". Library lectures, scientific specialists, students and librarians from public and university libraries from the country and others European countries take part in this conference.

The experience of the library is built in partnership with the divisions of the Employment Agency in the country through which we provide information about job vacancies in the locations. 

These activities are based on the library's participation in the "Global libraries - Bulgaria" several workshops were organized to clarify the upcoming services that they must provide in small public libraries in the region of Veliko Tarnovo. These activities are inadequate and incomplete for the target group of unemployed. It is necessary for the library to expand  the scope of activity and begin to provide new and meaningful services for the unemployed through this project.