e-Guidelines of best practices of learning activities for unemployed are main intellectual output of the project LinkINjob.

Partners prepared versions in national languages (pdf):

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Expected results:

  • E - Guidelines of best practices: Examples of learning activities for unemployed in English and in all partners’ languages are published.
  • Learning activities (workshops, courses, presentations etc.) were prepared and rolled out in partners libraries, based on new skills and ideas of library staff: 32 learning activities for unemployed, among them 10 based on ICT. Learning activities were focused on new skills and competences: financial literacy, computer and information literacy and entrepreneurship as a key competence for lifelong learning of unemployed. 
  • A library staff training course with defined topics, methods, tools and experiences for work with unemployed and job seekers in public library and other institutions was formed and run.
  • A dedicated project web page with useful links, best practice examples about working with the unemployed in libraries, with tips for working with unemployed in libraries in English and with special sections in languages of participating countries was established. 
  • Promotional material of the project (leaflets), articles in newspapers, blogs, tweets, press releases.
  • Developing more effective and extensive international cooperation between partners’ institutions and other institution from participating countries.
  • Project results and experience will aid to reduce social problems in the community.


  • Curriculum of library staff training course (published in project intellectual output e-Guidelines) will be useful for other European public libraries and adult education institutions.
  • Library staff will develops new approaches to work with specific target group in libraries – unemployed.
  • On the basis of new competences, library staff is equipped to design relevant learning activities for the unemployed (4 activities per each partner, at least one based on ICT).
  • With new skills and competences library staff can play a more active role in the local community.
  • The cooperation between world of work and school institutions is fostered.
  • The Library staff training course will be an important part of continuing professional development for librarians.
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